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A holiday that they will never forget with St Anton Nannies

Our nannies in St Anton have spent hours coming up with plans to make sure that your child has the best holiday possible while with us.  They have countless options on ways to have fun in and out the snow for children of all ages.   With a wide range of arts and crafts ideas we decided to give you a brief insight into some of the many activities that we have planned when you come to St Anton.
Outdoor fun.
What is more fun than being out in the snow for the first time. Our nannies make sure that your child will get to experience the snow in the best way possible by being creative and safe. Of course we like snowman competitions, snow angles, snowball fights and treasure hunts, but we also like to think outside the box and explore  new ideas. Some of our favourites are 

v Painting the snow - the child will have so much fun painting pretty pictures in the snow. 
v Making snow jewels, frozen balloons and ice ornaments.
v Making snow volcanos and snow animals.

And so many more but we can’t ruin the surprises.
Indoor fun.
Our nannies love to get messy making edible slime or playdough which is safer and we all know how children like to taste things.  We have a selection of glitters, paints, cards, paper plates and of course endless imagination to help create amazing art that you will get to bring home as a reminder of all the fun you have had with us in St Anton.
Our nannies also love sensory art with the younger babies  which helps their development, so as well as having fun they are learning new things. Feeling new sensations, tasting and exploring their senses. One of our favourite for babies is making edible paints with yoghurt, food colouring and flavours.  This is fun for all and safe if they eat it.

So contact us and find out how we can give your child a holiday they will never forget. 
And some latest comments on some of our nannies in St Anton
She was always bright and bubbly no matter when we saw her, and this washed off onto Florence; she was always happy and smiling around Katie when we arrived home. She was professional at all times. It was obvious she had a passion for kids and loved what she was doing.
Finn had an amazing time over the last 4 days and we all thought Mikaela did a great job. She came prepared with books and activities, and she kept him active with outings into the snow.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

5 Best Resorts for Family Skiing

5 Best Resorts for Family Skiing

Skiing is an activity the whole family can enjoy. With a range of mountain and indoor activities, skiing has something for everyone.

There are plenty of family packages available to help you get the most out of your holiday. You can take advantage of the child care services and catered accommodation at your resort.

Are you planning your next ski adventure? Are you unsure which resort is right for your family? These are the 5 best resorts for family skiing.

Méribel, France

Méribel is ideal for a family ski break. Situated in the Three Valleys, this resort is absolutely stunning, with stunning luxury chalets to match.

There are runs that are well suited to beginners and children, as well as events designed for


Experience one of these fun-filled activities:

·       The Olympic Park

·       Tobogganing

·       Skijoring

·       Hiking

For very young children, hire a nanny or use the resort’s kindergarten and day care services.

The fun doesn’t stop in the evening! Try a traditional Alpine restaurant, go to a pool party or watch a live music act.

St Anton, Austria

St Anton is a haven for families. It has retained its traditional feel whilst becoming a modern ski resort.

It has some of the best off-piste courses for those who are seeking an adventure. As well as this, the family can enjoy a wealth of sports and activities such as:

·       Tobogganing

·       Curling

·       Snowshoeing

Experience the Children’s Paradise where the kids are in in charge! They can take part in a ski lesson with expert instructors who will then award them with a performance pass.

There are many accommodation options that are sure to suit any family. Stay in a catered chalet for an intimate and cosy family experience or continue your adventure by going camping!

La Clusaz, France

La Clusaz has been given the Famille Plus label for its dedication to affordable family ski holidays. The amount of activities on offer means that the family will never be bored. Here are just some of the activities you can try:

·       Dog sledding

·       Ice skating

·       Crazy golf

·       Ice bumpers

If you want some time away from the children, you can take them to a child care centre or use a nanny service. There are also ski lessons designed for children of all ages and abilities.

There’s a great selection of fun and cosy restaurants you can try if you want to spend some more quality time with your family.

Le Grand-Bornand is beautiful and charming. This French resort prioritises families and has a number of facilities available, such as a nanny service, to create a better family-friendly experience. You can make use of the following services and activities:

·       Play area

·       Baby’s corner

·       Rock climbing

·       Hot air balloon

If you want to try a more traditional activity, there are cheese making demonstrations and chocolate making courses which is definitely something everyone can enjoy!

Megѐve, France

Megѐve is essentially a large playground for children to enjoy. It’s also a traditional and authentic resort which is rich in history and culture. Why not take your family on an adventure? You can try:

·       The Adventure Park

·       Paintballing

·       Ice hockey

For very young children there’s a nursery or nanny service and for older children there is plenty to do. With a family ski pass you can get unlimited entry into the resort’s sports centre when you want to take a break from the slopes.

If you’re there at Christmas time, then be sure to head over to see the town’s beautiful Christmas tree. You might even receive a treat from Santa himself!

Tempted to head to one of these resorts with your family this ski season? Time to get booking! Start your holiday off on the right foot with a private airport transfer.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Chasing snowflakes

We have been chasing snowflakes since 2003, building snowmen and treasure hunting in the Narnia woods, baking gingerbread, freezing balloons and decorating trees with reindeer shapes and angels. Now we are looking forward to doing this again, for the 16th season. The first snowflakes have fallen in the Alps and our new nannies have been very excited to try the uniform and get their activity boxes ready. Wow what a start!
This season we are very lucky to welcome most of our existing nannies again and have added a few new ones too.
We have kept all our resorts so we will operate in Meribel, Courchevel, La Tania, Chamonix, Megeve, La Clusaz and the famous St Anton and Lech.
January discounts are available for full time packages, so if you are looking for expert childcare you need to hurry as many weeks are already booked.
A 10% discount is applied also to full time bookings in March, made within November (subject to availability).
We look forward to welcoming you this winter and look after your little ones while you are having the perfect ski holiday. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How to get your kids into skiing

How to Get Your Kids into Skiing
Children marvel at the snowfall. Playtime in the snow leads to a great time for both the kids and their families, so it’s no wonder skiing is an attractive family holiday. However, it can prove difficult once your children move beyond the initial bout of excitement and set off on their skis.  

It’s too cold. They’re scared of falling. They don’t want to do it anymore. 
A selected few from the barrel of complaints heard by many a parent, getting your children into the activity can be more difficult than expected. But it’s not impossible, by any means. 

Below are a few steps to keep in mind as you embark upon you first family ski trip. 

Build the excitement!

While your children may already be enthused by the snow outside their front door, they may become less enthused when they see the slopes. Help to build and maintain the excitement from home in the lead up to the holiday. 

Show them some ski related media online; for example, show them videos or pictures of people skiing, so they can view the activity in a way that paints it as fun and exciting.  

To make them feel even more involved, print out a map of the ski resort or (if available) show them an interactive one online.  This can help the kids visualise the resorts and even pick out what they want to do before they get there. The personal involvement can work wonders. 

Another approach would be to take them to an indoor snow centre. Give them a feeling for the environment and the terrain and show them how much fun the overall experience can be. Since it’ll only be one or a few standalone sessions, there’s no pressure to perform. Instead, they can let loose and have fun in the snow! The idea of the real thing can only exacerbate the excitement further. 

Get them prepared!

Preparation is crucial for any holiday, but especially one that involves a brand new activity for your children. For a first time skiing holiday, make sure that your children’s outfits and equipment are all sorted in advance, alongside your own gear.This is standard procedure, of course.

The importance of this is making sure that the actual day itself runs smoothly, and isn’t marred by any unnecessary hiccups. Tension and impatience, as a result of missing equipment and running behind schedule, can paint the whole experience in a negative light for your children. The last thing you want is for your child to associate the activity with stress and irritation. 

In addition to the physical preparation, it’s useful to take them through the events of the day in question, so they’re not completely overwhelmed. Taking them to the snow centre and showing them skiing related media is helpful, but there’s no harm in reminding them about the more routine aspects of the day.  

Let them know what it will be like, how many people there will be, what the environment will look like, how it will feel, and what to expect. Mental preparation is just as helpful as physical preparation. Alongside letting them know what will happen, also make an effort to clear their minds of any personal doubts.Let your children know its ok to make mistakes. Make it clear to them that they’ll fall over from time to time and so will you!  

Normalise the mistakes. 

This way they’re less likely to be put off by both the idea of slipping up or the actual mistake when it happens. Children may feel embarrassed or ashamed for not nailing the activity on the first attempt and how you react to those feelings will have an impact on how they perceive the activity.

Don’t teach them yourself!

While it may seem tempting for a parent who’s also an experienced skier to want to teach their kids, this approach has a high risk of backfiring.  

The best approach is to send them to a professional skiing school, even if just for a one off lesson. You can do this prior to or during the holiday. 

The benefits of professional teaching versus parental tuition are that your children will be in the hands of well skilled and highly trained instructors and helpers. These people will take full care of your kids alongside showing them the ropes, and will put them through a structured routine. 

You and your children have a deep familiarity with each other, so there is more leeway for them to give up if your lesson doesn’t go to plan, and a higher chance of you getting frustrated and impatient. An instructor has less familiarity with your child and less chance of becoming frustrated, and vice versa. An additional benefit is having other children in the lessons, which can add to your child’s motivation to learn and excel. 

The Chalet Experience

A lot of factors affect how your children will embrace skiing. A large factor involves how they feel during the holiday as a whole. Therefore, it’s important that they’re relaxed and content even when they’re not strapped into their ski equipment.  

If you’re visiting the Meribel or Courchevel resorts, then it’ll be worth checking out the chalets on offer in both. The reason for these in particular is that they provide top of the line, luxury experiences that can be beneficial to both parents and children. 

With catered meals throughout the day, private transfer to and from the airport, alongside other 5 star quality services, your holiday can run smoothly and become extremely memorable.  

Keep your kids feeling content, positive and relaxed throughout the holiday, and they’ll embrace skiing with even more vigour than before! 

So get them prepared, get them excited, and book your family a luxury chalet to make this a memorable first skiing trip for your kids!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Why you should consider Merinanny ski nanny in the Alps

The childcare secret to a great family holiday in the snow

 A winter holiday in the Alps
The winter wonderlands of the Alps are breathtakingly beautiful and the ideal location for a winter break. Great weather, good quality snow, excellent resorts and great hospitality with classy après ski are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose a holiday here. A winter vacation is a great way to bond with your family. Just like the beach, snow is magical for kids. And they will be spending a lot of active hours outdoors in the fresh mountain air. It is also an ideal opportunity for your kids to learn how to ski. Young children are fearless and their small stature and adaptability makes the sport much easier to learn than for an adult. Many ski school classes in the Alps are setup to allow kids to learn with peers and parents can ski on their own in the meantime.

The challenges of a ski vacation with young kids

While the Alps offer the perfect setting for a family vacation, a ski holiday with kids does have its challenges. What if your children are younger than the recommended age of three, the ideal age for starting ski lessons? You certainly want to enjoy your winter holiday together with all the members of your family. You may be apprehensive at the idea of taking your toddlers to the mountains. And when you do bring them, it can be frustrating if you cannot fully enjoy the slopes or the well-deserved apres ski because your kids are waiting to be picked up from the kids club. You may not want to bring the grandparents to your chalet to help you with babysitting. And even if your children are old enough to go skiing, there are situations in which you may need some extra help. From the wrong skis to lost gloves, the need to use the loo after the kids are all dressed in their ski gear.

What can help you?

A Merinannies ski nanny in the Alps

The only way for parents to truly unwind and enjoy the holidays together, whether it’s skiing in the Alps or relaxing on a beach, is once they feel that their children are happy, safe and well looked after. A Merinanny ski nanny will solve your problems; you will have time for ski, après ski and personal time.
Fun Indoors

If your children are too young to hit the slopes, a Merinanny ski nanny will provide quality childcare in the day and private babysitting in the evening. She will come to your accommodation with bags of planned to age activities and games. The children will warmly play indoors if the weather is bad or snowy. They will enjoy puzzles, imaginative play, sing songs, dance around and have lots of laughs. There will be glitter and colour; arts and crafts, card making and snowflake drawings are a few of the creative ideas a Merinanny would provide.
Fun Outdoors
The Merinanny can also take the children outdoors to play areas or soft playgrounds. And what about a treasure hunt, building a snowman, snow painting, gondola rides, hot chocolates, swimming, ice skating, shopping?! The nanny can use the buggy or sledge to stroll to the villages and local events and meet other children to play together. Finally, she can just take some quiet time with your little ones by the fire reading a book and relax.
The nanny can help children practise putting their skis on and slide on the snow to gain confidence and have some fun. She can also help drop off and pick up your children from the ski school or meet them on the slopes for lunch.

All Merinannies are qualified and experienced first class private nannies with a first aid certificate, DBS and reference checked. There are special needs trained Merinannies too for individual needs, and multilingual nannies. 

Making Memories together

A Merinanny ski nanny in the Alps gives free time to parents. She will make sure that children will have a great time too. A Merinanny is confident to work with children of all ages and she has a great source of ideas and ways to help the children spent their time purposefully. The nanny will adjust to the needs of your children and create a tailor made program based on their interests. She will follow the children's routines and parents’ advice. A winter vacation with a Merinanny in the Alps will result in quality days for all members of the family. Enjoying the time spent together you will be making lots of new memories.

Would you like to see Merinannies in action? Follow them on the snowy Alpine slopes via  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

By Celeste Tat. Celeste is a Dutch Family Travel Blogger. She is the creator of the Family Experiences Blog, a family travel blog focussed on luxury vacations and quality family time. Celeste is mother of two young girls.

By Celeste Tat. Celeste is a Dutch Family Travel Blogger. She is the creator of the Family Experiences Blog, a family travel blog focussed on luxury vacations and quality family time. Celeste is mother of two young girls.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Why a Merinanny?

We have asked one of our long standing, loyal families to give an opinion on the childcare service we provide and what makes them book with us.

“We have been booking Merinannies for the last ten seasons in Meribel, Chamonix and St Anton. Since their t-shirts were pink to purple and black. Every year when we plan our family ski trip in the Alps we ask Katia where she has placed nannies and then we decide where to go.

Here are the main reasons we book with Merinannies year after year:

They are personable and genuine. Katia is always available on the phone to give advice and she replies her emails promptly and thoroughly. She is a mother and an early years teacher so we can share the worries and anxieties.

Unlike other agencies, Merinannies professional nannies are respected and paid well, therefore they are happy and committed to work for Merinannies. Merinannies provide them with good living conditions in resort too, which is not normal for seasonnaires.

All their nannies come checked and referenced and most have worked with this agency for a few years. It is obvious they love what they are doing, and by not being employed by the agency, they have the freedom to enjoy their chosen resort.

They are flexible and understanding, and will go an extra mile to help.

The agency can provide special needs nannies so a parent with such requests can rely on their expertise and enjoy their holiday.

Finally they are the longest standing childcare agency in the Alps and have an excellent guestbook, so why look elsewhere?”

Happy smiles everywhere.

Tel     +44 7860925055

Thursday, 7 December 2017

MERIBEL. The heart of the Three Valleys.

One of the most popular family ski resorts in the Alps.

As a town, you will never run out of things to do and see. The Olympic Centre alone (situated next to the Chaudanne, the main lift station) packs in activities like bowling, ice-skating and indoor swimming, with a spa & fitness centre also located inside. There are bars, restaurants, and ski shops aplenty in this remarkable town. Buzzing with life and energy, Meribel is an all-rounder when it comes to selecting ski resorts.

The slopes accommodate for skiers of all levels. Within the Meribel valley, there is an ample variety of pistes ranging from Green to Black. Snowparks, olympic slopes, and kids ski zones can all be found here. The ski resort is not only very family-friendly, but is also popular for many youngsters, couples, and retirees.

The Meribel resort is equipped with 53 lifts, 76 runs, and over 150km of piste. The highest peak reaches 2952m, with more than 85% of the resort situated at least 1800m above sea level, making for ideal conditions.

The latest snow reports reveal snow depths of 89cm in the upper part of the resort, with 30cm in the lower part. Forecasts show more snow to come this Friday (+19cm) and Saturday (+16cm), arriving just in time for the Opening Day of Meribel and the Three Valleys Ski Area.

If you are looking to book, or have booked, a family ski holiday to Meribel, it’s never too late to reserve a nanny. Merinannies provide qualified experienced nannies who are first aided and insured for peace of mind.

Call us today on:   +44 (0)7860925055  – or –  Email: