Friday, 21 November 2014

Off to ski with young children-Travel tips

 St Anton Nanny Daisy advises....

It can be a struggle keeping children entertained at the best of times let alone on a plane! There are the obvious gadgets, like ipads but books are always great & easy too. How about a book that includes skiing, snow or the mountain environment. Get them ready and excited for where they are about to be. They could also draw a picture of what they think the ski resort will look like & even draw their nanny & say her name. This may help them when they eventually meet their special nanny for the week. Last year, I found that sticker books were extremely popular with all children too. These may be useful on the plane!

Once in the resort it is up to us to keep them occupied while you enjoy the beautiful slopes. This year I am looking forward to trying a new activity – snow painting. It involves filling up bottles with water and food colouring and then spreading it all over the snow. Then we can create pretty pictures whilst also being outside in the great alpine atmosphere. There are so many lovely things to do in the mountains as well as the expected activities. If you are going to a resort where there is a swimming pool I advise parents to bring several swim nappies. Arm bands also, however I know the pool in St.Anton provides them. 

Tips for skiing holidays with children:
·         Always have water & snacks to hand.

·         Good fitting gloves, goggles & sunglasses. If you get the children to try these things on before they go away that can be extremely useful too.

·         Gloves that can be attached together or mittens. And WATERPROOF. There is nothing worse than cold hands.

·         Clothing layers, it goes from hot to cold and vice versa very quickly.

·         The one thing to pack extra would be nappies & baby wipes – they can be very expensive in resort.

·         Transfers can be long & windy – medication for travel sick children.

·         Entertainment for the journeys!