Friday, 4 August 2017


Greece offers more than beautiful islands, sandy beaches and the sun...

This month we have one of our nannies working for the second season in Monemvasia, a town in Peloponese.

Monemvasia in Greece is one of the most impressive places in the country. Carved on the back side of a sea rock in the Medieval times, it was not visible from the mainland, so that the locals could avoid enemy attacks. The only way to reach the Rock was by boat, but now there is a paved pathway to join the Rock and the castle with the mainland, this is where the name Monemvasia comes from.

A "single passage" into history.

Today most of the old mansions have been converted into guesthouses and boutique hotels. Outside the Rock, there is a new modern town and the walks into the castle town are telling stories of the past.
Holidays in Monemvasia are different and very popular for families.
They can be combined with day trips to Gythio, Mystras, Neapolis and other regions of the south Peloponnese.

Arts and crafts for slightly older children below have kept them busy and creative, thanks to the nanny's artistic imagination and flair....