Monday, 6 January 2014


More happy families in Samoens with our childcare

"We had a wonderful holiday and a big part of that was down to Nicola and Sarah-they were both great with the children and so accommodating...for example, they were happy to bring all four children up the mountain to meet us for sledging and even kind enough to help us down with all of our things on the final day.
We would happily recommend either of them, and your company, to others in the future.
Many thanks for all of your help, and especially to Sarah for coming over to help at such short notice.
I hope the rest of the season goes well."
"You and Sarah did an excellent job this week. Nothing was too much or stressful for you both and you seemed to take it all in your stride. I would definitely recommend you and Sarah if anyone was looking for a nanny. Well done Mary Poppins!!! Lots of love and have a good ski season, hope you can get up the mountains yourself."
Sally xx SAMOENS

"We are over joyed with Nicola and her skills looking after the children.  Tobias has particularly taken to her and is very happy to go to her and reaches out for her when she arrives.  So we are extremely pleased!"
Jess SAMOENS        

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