Friday, 8 November 2013

Monty goes skiing

This book had us smiling from beginning to end, it is very true and correct to what we see daily on the slopes. Hats off to Richard Liddle who wrote the story, it is evident form the book that his experience shines through. Monty is a curious Marmot who is keen to not only see and explore the mountains but to do it on ski's. After seeing everyone else having fun he wants to see what he is missing out on. With the help of his new friend Mortimer, that's exactly what he does. With some ups and downs on his way Monty is eager to head back for more.

The story incorporates terminology that children will hear in lessons, so introducing them to this through a fun story is a great way to start them off. I would read this to children before they go on holiday, especially to apprehensive children, to show them what fun can be had.

By Nicola of our wonderful nannies to be in Samoens


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