Friday, 20 December 2013

Samoens Nannies

With the run up to Christmas, our Nannies are busy exploring their new surroundings and making them self familiar with the town. Finding out all about what to do in the area, along with essential knowledge of emergency contacts, hopefully not to be needed, but being prepared all the same.
 "The locals and seasonnaires have been very welcoming and are happy to help where necessary. The tourist information office has also been visited regularly where we have taken many leaflets to give us an insight to happenings in and around Samoens."
 The Christmas spirit is definable in the town, with the lights, that look beautiful in the evening and the increasing presence of families, the town is starting to come alive. Not to mention the snowfall too, it will definitely be a picture perfect White Christmas for all of us out in resort. In the evenings the bars and cafés are starting to get busier and teamed with music it is evident that the atmosphere is something to be enjoyed.
 "In my spare time I am busy planning activities to do with the children and collecting junk from cardboard boxes to yoghurt pots and anything that we can get creative with. Making play dough is on my imminent agenda too as this can be fun for all ages. Salt dough too will be used a lot as then when it dries the children can decorate and take home as a reminder/souvenir of their time here. The activity I am most looking forward to is making giant marbles. By adding food colouring and water in to balloons and placing them outside over night, the next day with the children you can take them into the garden and use them as marbles as they will have frozen...great fun!"

From all at Merinannies we wish you a lovely Festive break and a very Happy New Year.

Kind regards
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