Saturday, 9 September 2017

When something revitalises you never give it up

As summer is slowly drawing to an end, we get feedback not only from our families but from our nannies, who are the key to years of our success.

Here is a late one from one of our long term loyal nannies....

"Looking back in the past four years, I would like to warmly thank Katia for our wonderful time together... It is the 4th summer season of our cooperation and I have only beautiful memories to share! With Kidsingreece and Merinannies I have met wonderful people and travelled to several destinations gaining invaluable experiences. All this would not have happened without Katia's help. Katia takes genuine care of us individually, she advises and supports unconditionally by always being there in every step of each job at anytime of the day !Katia says "when something revitalises you never give it up, no matter of age or situation"....But most importantly Katia has huge knowledge in matters involving childcare, and customer and nanny satisfaction. Many thanks one more time, I hope we will continue to work together for many more years to come!"

How we do it....well, it's all about passion for caring. They say what you put in, you get back...

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