Saturday, 24 November 2012

To ski or not to ski

To ski or not to ski

Winter is here and the snow has already filled up the mountains creating a strong base for the start of an exciting season ahead.

Undoubtedly we are all dreaming of the moment of hearing the bindings click and off we go.

We are checking the gear, the airlines, the transfer companies, insurance, the best restaurants and of course the apr├Ęs ski bars.

But if you are going out with your family the first thing you should think about is childcare.

If you don’t have this in place you don’t ski. All your dreams can become a disaster.

So if you want to ski carefree, and know that the little people behind you are having the same thrill as you are on the slopes, you need some good quality childcare.

There are many options available in family resorts, but if you want the very best quality childcare you should book early to avoid disappointment.

MERINANNIES was created  in 2003 by a mother who is a keen skier and an early years teacher and we regard ourselves experts in childcare.

We try and test resorts that are loved by adrenaline seekers but are also kind to the rest of the family. So if you are a young couple seeking the night life as well as great skiing, or bringing grandparents who need some peace and quiet, or just going for a relaxing family holiday in the snow, Merinannies will take very good care of your children and make sure you have the fun you deserve.

Merinannies qualified nannies take care of babies from 4 weeks of age to 14 years old.

You can book a day or a whole week, mornings or afternoons, full time or part time or just an evening babysitting.

Activities are planned with respect to age and interests, and there are special needs trained nannies as well as multilingual nannies and skiing expert nannies.

We offer a 10% discount in some weeks if you book before the end of November.

Call today on 07860925055 or 01858 468820



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